In the text of this Agreement, the following terms are given the following meaning:


“Site” means the following website: egomodels.com.ua, which belongs to the Company and is located at the following link: https://egomodels.com.ua/.


“User”, “You”, “Your” or any other similar derivative (as the context requires) means a person who (1) uses the Site and / or has access to its Content; and (2) has given its consent to comply with the rules for using the Site set forth in the text of this Agreement by using this Site.


“Company”, “We”, “Our”, “Nas”, “Us” or any other similar derivatives (depending on the context) means the model agency EGO MODELS, address of location: Kiev, st. Antonovich 48B, which owns or operates the Site.


“Site Content” means all objects posted by the Company and / or third parties (with the permission of the Company) on the Site, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, programs, music, sounds, information, notifications and what or other objects of similar purpose, their collections or combinations.


“Site software” means software developed by the Company (and / or third parties on behalf of the Company) for the Site, including, but not limited to, all software, scripts, codes (HTML codes), programs, etc.


“Services” means collectively the Site Content and Site Software.




2.1. The site is intended primarily for the following purposes: acquaintance users with the activities of the Company, providing an opportunity for potential cooperation with the Company by providing personal data and sending requests.

2.2. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) defines the rules and procedure for using the Site and Services, the rights and obligations of Users, and also regulates the behavior of Users when gaining access to the Site and Services.

2.3. The user accepts the terms of this Agreement by using the Site.

2.4. This Agreement is mandatory on its parties (or the Company and the User).





3.1. To use the Site, Users must meet the following parameters: not be limited in the right to access the Site and Services on the basis of a court decision that has entered into legal force, or in cases provided for by applicable law or the terms of this Agreement.

3.2. Registration is not required to use the Site.




4.1. The Company owns all, without exception, property rights, including intellectual property rights, to the entire Content of the site, as well as the software of the site. The software of the site and the content of the site are protected by copyright in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as international treaties and conventions in the field of protection of intellectual property.

4.2. Users are prohibited from copying, reproducing, modifying, compiling, distributing, displaying in any form, publishing, downloading, transmitting, selling or otherwise distributing or using the Site Content and Site Software, unless such actions are directly permitted by the terms of this Agreement or the current legislation of Ukraine.

4.3. Nothing in the text of this Agreement can be interpreted as a transfer to the User of any exclusive rights to the Content of the site (in whole or in a separate part) and / or the software of the site.

4.4. The company owns all rights in relation to the registered trademark EGO MODELS, as well as related commercial (business) names, brands, logos (hereinafter “Trademarks”).. Such Trademarks are protected by applicable law and nothing in the text of this Agreement can be interpreted as transferring any license to the User to use such Trademarks.




Rules of conduct on the site

5.1. While using the Site, the User undertakes to adhere to the following rules: (1) comply with all obligations assumed by the User in connection with joining this Agreement; (2) not to take any action (with or without automation tools) aimed at collecting any personal data of other Users; (3) not to take any action or assist third parties in taking actions aimed at undermining the operation of the Site; (4) not take any other action that is illegal, fraudulent, discriminatory or misleading.


Feedback on the site

5.2. Each User has the right (but not the obligation) to leave or send his ideas, feedback, suggestions or projects aimed at improving the operation of the Site or the quality of the Services provided. Such reviews can be sent by the User by posting a review in the appropriate section of the site or by email to info@egomodels.com.ua




Advertising by the company

6.1. The company has the right to post any advertising or marketing materials on the Site.


Advertising by third parties

6.2. The Site Content may contain links to third party websites and / or advertising or marketing materials about goods / services provided by such third parties (hereinafter “Third Party Ads”). The company does not assume any responsibility (1) for the content of third-party advertisements, as well as for the presence, quality and safety of the goods / services promoted in such advertisements; and (2) for any loss, loss or damage incurred or caused to the user as a result of reading such advertisements, using goods / services promoted in third-party advertisements.

6.3. In the event of a transition to another site through a third-party Advertising posted on the Site, the Company cannot guarantee that such a website is safe for the User and / or his computer. Nothing in the text of this Agreement should be construed as an assurance, encouragement, recommendation or inducement of the User to use third-party advertising, visit any third-party sites, as well as try, purchase, use any goods / services of third parties.

6.4. Issues related to the protection of personal data of Users when they use Third Party Ads are governed by the Privacy Policy posted on the website at https://egomodels.com.ua/privacy-policy/.



7.1. The site does not provide an opportunity to purchase any goods / services online.



8.1. Access to the Site and its Services does not imply subscription from Users



9.1. The user has the right to stop using the Site at any time.

9.2. In the event of (1) violation by the User of the terms of this Agreement; and / or (2) violation of intellectual property rights of the Company, other Users or third parties; and / or (3) committing actions that are illegal, violate the rights and interests of the Company, other Users or third parties, or undermine the operation of the Site or the ability to use the Site by other Users; and / or (4) the Service or the Site is used by the User in such a way that this may entail legal liability of the Company in the future; and / or (5) if required by applicable law or the competent state authority, the Company has the right to terminate (stop) the User’s access to the Site and its Services at any time without prior notice.




10.1. If you have questions regarding the terms of this Agreement or the order / method of their execution, you can send your question to us by e-mail to info@egomodels.com.ua

10.2. Employees and representatives of the Company undertake to make every possible effort to respond to your request within a reasonable period of time.



11.1. This Agreement comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Site (at the following link: https://egomodels.com.ua/en/terms-of-use/) and is valid for an indefinite period of time.

11.2. We may revise, amend or change the terms of this Agreement from time to time. The company does not assume any obligation to notify users of upcoming or past changes to the text of the agreement.

If, after the changes or additions made to the text of the Agreement, the User continues to use the Site, it is considered that he is familiar with the changes or additions and accepted them in full without any objections.

11.3. Unless otherwise expressly stated in the provisions of this Agreement or does not directly follow from the norms of the current legislation, the law of Ukraine shall apply to the terms of this Agreement.

11.4. An integral part of this Agreement is the Privacy Policy posted at https://egomodels.com.ua/privacy-policy/.

11.5. If one or more of the terms of this Agreement have become invalid or invalid, the rest of the terms of the Agreement will not lose their force.